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    About Us

    The INVICTUS Academy was established to address the ever increasing need for high quality IT skills training for professionals. A proven provider of the trending and emerging technology training, our reputation is one of delivering excellent, pioneering education – presented by the most knowledgeable, experienced and certified practitioners in the IT industry.

    INVICTUS Academy was founded in 2015. It was built on the well-established knowledge and experience of top software engineers, with a mission to deliver the best and specialized high quality IT Training for the professionals in India.

    As a result of its fast-growing reputation, INVICTUS Academy succeeded in capturing the attention of software organizations.

    Our trainers aren't simply instructors who go on teaching, they're IT certified professionals. Accredited industry experts and experienced professionals, our internationally trained team focuses on the latest technology developments. Our commitment to research allows us to develop diverse courses to meet the specific needs of our clients.

    INVICTUS Academy follows official product curriculum, and guarantees original training materials that are developed by industry professionals. The course materials go beyond the follow-up guidelines, and many courses offer home-based lab exercises to facilitate students' integration of their new knowledge in their work. We always train our students on latest versions of software. Our high level realtime standards training more than prepares them to sit for certification exams.

    Our Values


    INVICTUS Academy has been a trusted name in software development since 2015 and continues to provide the most advanced and accurate software
    solutions and IT